Coaching Testimonials

“Thanks Carrie! I’ve been meaning to send you a note, but things have been a bit crazy. A quick update: I was promoted to Account Manager in July, then in January, I was promoted again to Supervisor of the Group Administrators. Then I was nominated for Leadership Circle for 2018, which is a 2 year leadership program within our organization. What a year. Needless to say, without your help, none of that would have happened. I am very grateful, and I hope sharing lets you know how much my success is also your success! Happy 2018! AH

“Carrie is truly a gifted coach.  She has an amazing ability to spot actions and patterns that may not be useful in your professional or personal life.  She’s genuinely curious and not judgmental. Her compassionate, but no nonsense approach really helped me find focus and set goals.”  Brenda M.  Human Resources Director, Seattle Area

 Carrie….I am SO glad I met her!  I’m a thirty-something with a little bit of my life behind me and a whole lot more in front of me.   She helped me make sense of my scattered short-term career starts in the past ten years, coached me in setting life goals, and then helped me realize that all of the randomness that is my life is actually helping me get closer to those larger life goals.  Career confidence, life confidence – that is my take away from working with Carrie.  This new found assuredness in my path, in my abilities, and in my resolve – yes, I am beyond grateful to my life coach.  Balance describes Carrie’s coaching style, in that I always knew she in my corner cheering me on, but at the same time I knew I could always count on her to tell it like it is and not just blow smoke! I appreciate you, Carrie!” Jenny F.   Neighborhood District Coordinator, Seattle Area

“I have greatly benefited from Carrie’s help as a coach and mentor.  Carrie’s style is from the heart. She provides an objective perspective yet I know she genuinely wants me to succeed.  One of my favorite parts is recapping the week and setting goals for the coming week.  Life is such a blur and taking the time to have Carrie listen and understand helps me to focus on what is important. This has been a great way to identify and reduce some of the background noise of life.  It’s such a boost knowing Carrie is in my corner.” Miki O. HRIS Manager, Seattle Area

“Unconditional support. Carrie brings her huge heart and love of helping others to each coaching session. She attentively listens and gently probes to guide me to achieve the positive change I want. I leave each meeting feeling a sense of accomplishment and motivated to take the next steps we discussed.” Alison L. Human Resources, Seattle Area

“Carrie has a natural talent to partner with and guide her clients to focus in on what really matters in their lives.  She encouraged me to explore stepping outside of my comfort zone which has led me down a clearer path to attain personal success!” Diane C.  Human Resources Manager, Seattle Area

“Carrie is a very positive and motivating coach who kept me focused on my goals.  She has helped me create action plans, followed up by holding me accountable and when I got off track she helped me get back on course to realize and achieve my goal.  I feel like I am winning the game of life and I highly recommend working with Carrie.” Marilyn H. Financial Director, Seattle Area

“Carrie gave me the building blocks to focus on my core strengths to help me articulate the value I will bring to my next organization.  Working with her helped me to achieve positive thinking about myself in the job search.  The courses are well thought out and deliver useful information.  Carrie keeps the classes at a reasonable size which allows time for participants to interact.  Carrie as a coach was able to bring perspective to my situation.  She gave me the time, understanding and guidance I needed.  Carrie’s focus on moving forward helped me land the next step in my career.  Thank you Carrie!” Angela S.  Human Resources Business Partner, Seattle Area

Things people have said about Carrie as an HR Director

“You looked for the best in people and helped them to find it themselves.” AE

“You have helped us all weather the ups and downs with courage, humor and humanness!” SK

“Thank you so much for all the gifts you have given me over the last 4 years… the time, the thoughts, the consideration , the knowledge and of course, the patience.” KW

“Thank you for leading the charge to celebrate our highs and for your humanity when we experienced the lows.” KK

“I always felt that HR is a difficult job.  So when I see people like you, who really care, it is doubly impressive to me.” CS

“I’ve appreciated the emphasis on “human” in our HR interactions with people, I credit you for setting the tone.” KM

“Thank you.  We have all grown wiser through these years because of your patience and your direct words have made a difference.” MC

“You have always been there when I need you.  Thanks for helping me through some tough times.”  SM