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Shrink Your Focus to Broaden Your Horizons

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Sofa and tea table by the window

“Anyone who has tried to sleep with a mosquito in the room knows the impact of something small. But the positive impact of little things is even greater.” – Television Journalist, Deborah Norville

But why are details important?

Understanding the details of who you are and what you want enable you to make better decisions for yourself—decisions that will make you thrive.

Let’s do an exercise that will help you focus on details.

  • Close your eyes and visualize the picture-perfect chair by a window.
  • See the details and ask yourself:
    • What does the chair look like? What is the color and texture? Does it have a footrest or a high back?
    • What are you looking at outside the window?
    • Are you alone in the room, or is there someone there with you?
    • What are you feeling like sitting in that chair?

You would be surprised at how much can come from this simple exercise – looking at the big picture, then seeing the details as stepping stones to fill in that big picture. Whether you need help finding the right career path or seeing the kind of leader that gets results or you just want insight about your working style, a simple visualization tool like this can help you better understand what you value, what you want your legacy to be, what you enjoy, and what you want to do next.

When I work with a client, we explore the details that come from this exercise. Once these details come in to focus, the client’s goals begin to crystallize and become clear. Details help us form a vision that grows and morphs into something better than it was before. From this vision, we create a Personal Style Guide to lead them in developing plans to meet these goals.

We approach this plan together playfully and without pressure. As noted in Steven Keil’s inspiring TED talk, “A Manifesto for Play,” we are able to “develop better decision-making ability if we play more.” Keil also shows proof in this manifesto that “play promotes a sense of promise and self-fulfillment.” So while we are exploring some very meaningful ideas for the client, we are considering the entire person, and not just their skill set.

This is only the beginning. The Personal Style Guide is at all times flexible as people grow and evolve, always keeping mind that the “big picture” IS details.

Once we have the desired result before us, we can start to build the environment for it to advance and thrive, paving the way to who you want to become. This is the foundation for success—down to the last detail.

The Environment Always Wins!

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Have you ever wondered why change is so challenging?

You go to a weekend sales retreat and come home convinced that you have found the secret of successful selling. You are sure that now business will pick up for you. You get back to work excited to make positive changes … but then nothing happens. Why not? The sure-fire sales method they presented at the retreat sounded so easy while you were there: Just follow these 5 steps and master the art of sales! The thought may even cross your mind, “What is wrong with me that this seems so hard now?”

There may be something wrong, but it’s not you. Human beings are always adapting to the environments around them. While you were at the retreat you were in an environment that supported what you wanted to accomplish. The people, the beliefs, the energy and atmosphere—it was all about sales, sales, sales. You were pumped up and ready to rock. When you returned, however, you came back to the same environment you had left and quickly slipped back into being just like you’ve always been.

This is why change is so difficult. If you don’t do something to alter the environments around you to support your success, you have very little chance of accomplishing the change you want. Oh sure, you may be able to shake things up for a little while, but the environment will always win.


What Does it Take to Become a Strategic Human Resources Leader?

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What Does it Take to Become a Strategic Human Resources Leader?

The most successful strategic HR leaders possess qualities that make a significant impact on their organization’s bottom line and human capital, their colleagues and their professional communities. What is in the secret sauce that gives them access and influence to leaders in their organization or, as others might say, “a seat at the table”? I had the amazing opportunity to speak with extraordinary senior HR executives in my community about what it takes to be a successful strategic HR leader. The answer is pretty simple, but not necessarily easy.

I asked them to consider three questions:

• What does it take to be a strategic HR leader?
• What advice would you give an HR professional moving up in the ranks?
• What are the challenges to becoming strategic in organizations?

Here are their answers distilled down to seven powerful concepts:

 1. Be a business person who is practicing HR

See yourself as a business person first, one who is practicing HR, instead of an HR practitioner working for the business. Just as other leaders in an organization realize the outcome of their efforts supporting the bottom line, so should the HR professional. (more…)

Living Life in the “Spirit of Play”

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When I first started my Life Coaching training at the Center for Coaching Mastery at CoachVille, they talked about one of their core values of “Living life in the Spirit of Play”.  At first, this talk of play left me feeling a little unsure. When I heard someone mention it, I would think “playing sounds frivolous”.  After all, I was training to be a serious coach.

When I began telling my friends and family about what I wanted to do as a life coach, I would tell them ‘how cool it would be if we could live life in the “spirit of play”. This seemed to make them pause – they would frown and shift uncomfortably and say – “not everything in life can be is about play.  You don’t play with hard things, you need to take them seriously. I suggest you find a new way of talking about what you are doing.” With that feedback, I became even more unsure about what to do with this “play talk”.


Speaking Up – Take It One Step Further

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Speaking Up – Take It One Step Further

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to a concert featuring Sara Bareilles at the St. Michelle Winery in the Seattle area. I am a new fan of Sara – mostly because of her song called “Brave”. By the time Sara came on, we had spent a couple of hours picnicking and drinking a glass (or two) of wine.  I stood with everyone one else in that sellout crowd, lifted my arms and sang “Brave” with all of my heart….

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

Everybody’s been there,
Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy
Fallen for the fear
And done some disappearing,
Bow down to the mighty
Don’t run, stop holding your tongue
Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your BRAVE is

Have you ever really wanted to be brave and “let the words fall out? “  Yet… somehow the moment passes.  In a meeting or with your significant other or with your boss, your parents, your siblings – well, just about anyone – even the hip restaurant host that sits you in the dark, back corner next to the kitchen.


Get Some Awesome in Your Life

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I love Kid President. Not only because he is a cute kid with an awesome message, but because he challenges us to grow, to dream, to dance and to be better people.

Robby Novak is Kid President. As you watch him on the videos, you see a kid with wit, joy, fearlessness, and a ton energy.

Here take a look: