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Shrink Your Focus to Broaden Your Horizons

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“Anyone who has tried to sleep with a mosquito in the room knows the impact of something small. But the positive impact of little things is even greater.” – Television Journalist, Deborah Norville But why are details important? Understanding the details of who you are and what you want enable you to make better decisions for yourself—decisions that will make you thrive. Let’s do an exercise that will help you focus on details. Close your eyes and visualize the picture-perfect chair by a window. See the details and ask yourself: What does the chair look like? What is the color and texture? Does it have a footrest or a high back? What are you looking at outside the...

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The Environment Always Wins!

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Have you ever wondered why change is so challenging? You go to a weekend sales retreat and come home convinced that you have found the secret of successful selling. You are sure that now business will pick up for you. You get back to work excited to make positive changes … but then nothing happens. Why not? The sure-fire sales method they presented at the retreat sounded so easy while you were there: Just follow these 5 steps and master the art of sales! The thought may even cross your mind, “What is wrong with me that this seems so hard now?” There may be something wrong, but it’s not you. Human beings are always adapting to the environments around them. While you were...

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