The Environment Always Wins!

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Have you ever wondered why change is so challenging?

You go to a weekend sales retreat and come home convinced that you have found the secret of successful selling. You are sure that now business will pick up for you. You get back to work excited to make positive changes … but then nothing happens. Why not? The sure-fire sales method they presented at the retreat sounded so easy while you were there: Just follow these 5 steps and master the art of sales! The thought may even cross your mind, “What is wrong with me that this seems so hard now?”

There may be something wrong, but it’s not you. Human beings are always adapting to the environments around them. While you were at the retreat you were in an environment that supported what you wanted to accomplish. The people, the beliefs, the energy and atmosphere—it was all about sales, sales, sales. You were pumped up and ready to rock. When you returned, however, you came back to the same environment you had left and quickly slipped back into being just like you’ve always been.

This is why change is so difficult. If you don’t do something to alter the environments around you to support your success, you have very little chance of accomplishing the change you want. Oh sure, you may be able to shake things up for a little while, but the environment will always win.

To affect true change, you need to affect your environment. I am not talking about just changing the piles of paper on your desk, although that is part of it. I am talking about upgrading the environments of your life—on every level—to support the person you want to be.

If your life already is designed for the YOU you want to be, great! But if you want to move forward, take a look at these nine environments and consider how you might adjust them to better support the change you’re seeking.

  1. Physical
    The things in your life – home, office, car, possessions
  2. Relationship
    The people in your everyday life – family, friends, colleagues
  3. Network
    The people you know on a first-name basis – key people, web, communities
  4. Self
    The real you – talents, skills, values, character
  5. Spiritual
    Your divine connection – oneness practices, sacred spaces, nature, connection to a higher power
  6. Body
    The moving environment – strength, health, exercise, radiance
  7. Financial
    Freedom and security – cash flow, budget, investments
  8. Memetic
    Cultural norms – ideas, concepts, beliefs, information
  9. Technology
    Your electronic tools – phones, computers, virtual spaces

I challenge you to take a close look at these areas of your life. What could use an upgrade or redesign to better align with the new direction you want to go? Think about specific actions you can take to improve your environments.

The good news is that upgrading your environments works for any kind of change you want to make, from increasing sales at work to exercising more. Get the pieces in place that support you to be your best. Make changes in the life around you—because the environment always wins—and so can you!

How has changing a personal environment made a difference to your success?

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