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Create a Power Intention to Achieve Success!

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Power Intentions are a beacon to guide us toward our most desired results. Others may call them goals or objectives – important things they want to accomplish.   Power intentions are similar however, they take you one step further. It is something you want to accomplish/change, that is powerful to you and that you intend to accomplish.  Here are some steps to get you moving: Make it about what you desire What one thing would have the most impact on your life today and in the coming year?  If you do this, how would your life be better? Ask yourself, is it what I really want or is it about what I don’t want? Am I please myself or what others think I should be? How will...

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The Environment Always Wins!

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Have you ever wondered why change is so challenging? You go to a weekend sales retreat and come home convinced that you have found the secret of successful selling. You are sure that now business will pick up for you. You get back to work excited to make positive changes … but then nothing happens. Why not? The sure-fire sales method they presented at the retreat sounded so easy while you were there: Just follow these 5 steps and master the art of sales! The thought may even cross your mind, “What is wrong with me that this seems so hard now?” There may be something wrong, but it’s not you. Human beings are always adapting to the environments around them. While you were...

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Living Life in the “Spirit of Play”

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When I first started my Life Coaching training at the Center for Coaching Mastery at CoachVille, they talked about one of their core values of “Living life in the Spirit of Play”.  At first, this talk of play left me feeling a little unsure. When I heard someone mention it, I would think “playing sounds frivolous”.  After all, I was training to be a serious coach. When I began telling my friends and family about what I wanted to do as a life coach, I would tell them ‘how cool it would be if we could live life in the “spirit of play”. This seemed to make them pause – they would frown and shift uncomfortably and say – “not everything in life can be is about play.  You...

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Get Some Awesome in Your Life

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I love Kid President. Not only because he is a cute kid with an awesome message, but because he challenges us to grow…

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